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The Issue with Zoos

Last weekend, Rico and I went to the Zoo with my little brother Dunstan.

Rico had free tickets for all of us, as he has started an apprenticeship at the Zoo working as a trainee Zookeeper. I wanted to draw some animals, Dunstan (he usually photographs wild animals in nature, and I personally find his photographs very impressive) wanted to photograph them, and Rico wanted to find out more about the way the Zoo was built up from a “visitor’s” perspective.

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I recently had to move all the data from my old PC onto my new laptop. My old computer is frustratingly slow and it took such a long time because my hard drive was filled with photos, most of them were pictures that I hadn’t looked at since I took them. Many arn’t even in focus or are just plain boring. I wasted so much time taking them.


A new Beginning

I have been thinking about writing a blog for a long time. And that for many reasons. As a child I used to spend my free time reading or writing. It was my passion and I wrote about everything and anything. Thinking back, I wish I was still as imaginative as I was  then.