Design Journal Projects

vor meinem Fenster

My Flat is underground and has a small patio which is accessible by climbing through the window. I have started a little photo project called “vor meinem Fenster” (outside my window” where, whenever I do something on my patio, I take a photo.


Mini Sketchbook

At the beginning of the first semester,  we each received a goody bag containing drawing material and also a very small Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook (70 x 110 mm). Mine lay around at home for a while, but this semester, I decided to try and fill it. I didn’t realise just how many pages it had until […]


Creanature – Dokumentation

At the end of each project we are required to make a documentation of how we arrived at our final piece, in the form of a bound book. This semester my typography grade also had a part to play in this book so typography and layout played a greater role than it did in the […]