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We are small under this huge sky

Whenever I return to Orkney I am always impressed by how huge the sky and the sea are compared to us humans. The landscape is mostly flat but we are still dwarfed by it. I made a small series of photographs showing small people in large landscapes while I was on my travels. I feel like the island life can be quite isolating sometimes and that some of these photographs portray this quite well.

Jedesmal wenn ich nach Sanday zurückkehre beeindruckt mich die Größe des Himmels und des Meeres. Obwohl die Landschaft ziemlich flach ist wirken die Menschen sehr klein. Ich habe eine kleine Fotoserie gemacht von kleinen Menschen in großen Landschaften während ich auf den Orkney Inseln war. Ich finde, dass das Inselleben häufig sehr einsam sein kann und ich glaube das diese Bilder diesen Zustand gut illustrieren.



Yesnaby, Mainland




Stywick, Sanday




Rackwick, Hoy




Black Rock Jetty, Sanday




Skaill beach, Mainland





Arches close to Ayres Rock, Sanday




Old Man of Hoy, Hoy




Backaskail beach, Sanday




Little Sea, Sanday


  1. Auntie L

    Shows the insignificance of humans. However if you named the people,as well as the place, that would change. Do you know who are in the pictures?


  2. dear Aelfleda, you have such a fantastic blog 🙂 I read this article and it made me remember an interview I read some time ago with a diver, who said how small we are above the seas and oceans… maybe that´s why all your photos have water 🙂 greetings from sunny Lisbon, PedroL


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