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Mini Sketchbook

At the beginning of the first semester,  we each received a goody bag containing drawing material and also a very small Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook (70 x 110 mm). Mine lay around at home for a while, but this semester, I decided to try and fill it.… Read More

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Creanature – Process

This semester I did a joint project with my colleague Luca at university called “Creanature”. The main topic of our project was “the forest”, and we both had separate areas of interest. I personally was interested in stories, fairy tales and legends, while Luca liked the idea of doing something to do with free time and leisure in the forest.

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Edinburgh Part 2

The steps were slippery and very craggy.  Almost at the summit, I slipped on some mud and twisted my ankle ended up sitting on the ground, looking out over sunny Edinburgh, not sure how I was going to get back down.  I could feel my ankle swelling in my shoe.

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Edinburgh Part 1

It was February, cold and dark, and the only person I knew was my brother’s flatmate who was away with friends that evening. Not wanting to spend the first night alone in Wulfric’s small, dingy and sparsely furnished room, where the desk was covered in paperwork, and architectural models spilled down from the top of the wardrobe, I pulled on my winter coat and left the flat heading out into the city hoping that I would also find my way back.

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My brother also came and together we stayed at my uncle’s, drank tea in the warm living room curled up on the floor with the dog while outside it snowed glittering white flakes from the sky which threatened to delay our departure home.