Creative Anxiety

At the end of the last winter semester, I was feeling unsatisfied with my work. I felt I had learned a great deal about illustration, but I didn’t feel it had a point. I felt like everything I created was boring, pointless, perhaps a waste of time, space and energy. All of this caused me to worry about my future.


Sketchbook Reality

A sketchbook isn’t really the place for finished work. It is a place for practice and for collecting memories. Mistakes are allowed, because, by making mistakes, you learn how to get better (or better ways to hide them).



When I was a child I suffered from nightmares. I would lie awake at night terrified to be alone in the dark room but also afraid of falling asleep. I would dream of animals killing my family, of strange men crawling into my bed and of being followed. Whenever I woke up, I would be […]