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Orkney Sketchbook 2018

While travelling through Orkney this summer, I always had my sketchbook with me. The days were quite packed, so I didn’t have the opportunity to draw as much as I had planned but I did manage to fill some of the pages though…


The High Island

If you compare it to the landscape of the other Orkney islands, the island of Hoy stands alone. The Orkney Mainland has rolling hills and bright green fields bursting with life. Hoy is an ominous shadow looming over it.

Journal Reflections

I am back where the wind is

The sand on the beaches here is white and glitters, the remnants of sea shells ground to dust. Cliffs are layer on layer of coloured sand stacked up and compressed to rock. Standing on the cliff, I can still recognise the pattern that the last tide left in the sand below.