February Journal

The city wakes from its hibernation.
It is the 16th of February, the sun creeps out and warms our faces. A friend comes to visit from a different city and I show her around Münster. The sun is shining, it has put on its best face.


Feeding the 5000 Event Day and Sketchbook

The day of “Feeding the 5000” was a huge day for me. I was excited but also slightly terrified by the prospect that so many people could see my work. So many people who I didn’t know, and who didn’t know me.

Art Journal Reflections

CAMP at Dusk

Dusk. Black wires stretched over our heads and we looked up trying to follow the paths to their origins. On the sides of the open area on the roof of the “Münster Theater” we found buttons on the ends of dangling wires. Pressing one of them meant setting off church bells others triggered other sounds. Sometimes it was difficult to differentiate between the sounds of the outside world or the noise created by the installation we were standing in.