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Orkney Sketchbook 2018

While travelling through Orkney this summer, I always had my sketchbook with me. The days were quite packed, so I didn’t have the opportunity to draw as much as I had planned but I did manage to fill some of the pages though…


Mini Sketchbook

At the beginning of the first semester,  we each received a goody bag containing drawing material and also a very small Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook (70 x 110 mm). Mine lay around at home for a while, but this semester, I decided to try and fill it. I didn’t realise just how many pages it had until […]


Edinburgh Part 2

The steps were slippery and very craggy.  Almost at the summit, I slipped on some mud and twisted my ankle ended up sitting on the ground, looking out over sunny Edinburgh, not sure how I was going to get back down.  I could feel my ankle swelling in my shoe.