Memories of Summer

The first half of this year’s summer disappeared in a blur of sunburn, cool water, freckles and family. The second half saw me move to a different city during the week and start an internship at an advertising agency. Suddenly, I only lived the summer evenings.

Feeding the 5000 Münster

Ich habe das Glück bei dem ersten “Feeding the 5000” hier in Deutschland die Postkarten und T-shirts für die freiwilligen Helfer gestalten zu dürfen.

The Problem with Plans

Some people need to structure their lives more than others. I am one of those people. I like knowing what I am going to do in a day and I hate it when plans don’t work out. Even the smallest plan change can leave me confused and disorientated, something that many of my friends don’t understand. And yes, it often makes me feel  I am the most annoying person to spend time with.