Moleskin Sketchbook Tour

When I flick through an old sketchbook, I am always surprised by how well I can remember the circumstances while I was drawing the pictures. Here is my old sketchbook from this year which I didn’t consistently use but has many very different memories concealed in it.

Without Autumn

The place where I grew up had no autumn. Once summer ended, it only got colder. And darker.
The colours seemed to seep out of the landscape and into the sea that would swallow them, and toss them about until they sank into its depth.

Licht, Stadt, Utopie

Darkness envelops us, and we stand huddled together under our umbrellas. Rain falls slowly through the last of summer foliage, left in the trees that surround us. And then we hear it: children’s laughter. Goosebumps rush across my skin. Light flickers in the tree in front of us. Shrieking and giggling come from its crown. I am seriously spooked.