Illustration for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung illustrating an article about how the loss of social interaction affects people during lockdown.

X-Collab Exhibtion

A piece of work created for an exhibition in Kingston, England based around the topic “Sensory”

“A room of one’s own” Book illustration

Illustrations based on the book
“A room of one’s own” by Virginia Woolf

Sensations: a series of Papercut collages

A series of 25 papercut collages, each representing a feeling, smell or sound.


A series of illustrations for the RIMOWA instagram page.

PURE APP: comic

A short illustrated story for the Instagram page of the Pure App.

TRANSFORM: Lösungen für die Klimakrise

Editorial illustration for the online blog of Transform Magazine.

Mountain Landscapes

A series of three images created using acrylic markers and inspired by a visit to the Tatra mountains in southern Poland.


A few collages made in summer 2019.

“A Dove Story”

An 8 page comic created in Winter 2019.

Illustration for “The Arena”

Series of 5 Illustrations for an article about “Finding courage and confidence after graduating” for The

Illustration about the execution of Mata Hari

CARPE DIEM: 01 / 2021

6 Illustrations for the Austrian magazine “Carpe Diem”

TRANSFORM: Das Magazine fürs gute Leben

Two editorial full page illustrations for the 6th issue of the German magazine “transform”.

COLLAGES: Personal Work

A small series of collages created in spring 2020.

NO PLACE BUT HOME: Online Magazine

Illustrated covers for the the Online Magazine “No Place but Home”

Poem Illustrations

These linocut illustrations were created using two colours on yellow paper.

FETA Gdansk: Poster

This poster created for the yearly FETA Poster competition. It was chosen for the exhibition in Summer 2020.

“Poland” Screenprints

A series of 3 screenprints inspired by my time living in Cracow.

“Vom Schwimmen in Seen und Flüssen”

Poem illustration “Vom Schwimmen in Seen und Flüssen” by Hermann Hesse