“A room of one’s own” Book illustration

Illustrations based on the book
“A room of one’s own” by Virginia Woolf

Sensations: a series of Papercut collages

A series of 25 papercut collages, each representing a feeling, smell or sound.


A series of illustrations for the RIMOWA instagram page.

PURE APP: comic

A short illustrated story for the Instagram page of the Pure App.

TRANSFORM: Lösungen für die Klimakrise

Editorial illustration for the online blog of Transform Magazine.

Mountain Landscapes

A series of three images created using acrylic markers and inspired by a visit to the Tatra mountains in southern Poland.


A few collages made in summer 2019.

“A Dove Story”

An 8 page comic created in Winter 2019.

CARPE DIEM: 01 / 2021

6 Illustrations for the Austrian magazine “Carpe Diem”

TRANSFORM: Das Magazine fürs gute Leben

Two editorial full page illustrations for the 6th issue of the German magazine “transform”.

COLLAGES: Personal Work

A small series of collages created in spring 2020.

NO PLACE BUT HOME: Online Magazine

Illustrated covers for the the Online Magazine “No Place but Home”

Poem Illustrations

These linocut illustrations were created using two colours on yellow paper.

FETA Gdansk: Poster

This poster created for the yearly FETA Poster competition. It was chosen for the exhibition in Summer 2020.

“Poland” Screenprints

A series of 3 screenprints inspired by my time living in Cracow.

“Vom Schwimmen in Seen und Flüssen”

Poem illustration “Vom Schwimmen in Seen und Flüssen” by Hermann Hesse