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Orkney Sketchbook 2018

While travelling through Orkney this summer, I always had my sketchbook with me. The days were quite packed, so I didn’t have the opportunity to draw as much as I had planned but I did manage to fill some of the pages though…

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Creanature – Process

This semester I did a joint project with my colleague Luca at university called “Creanature”. The main topic of our project was “the forest”, and we both had separate areas of interest. I personally was interested in stories, fairy tales and legends, while Luca liked the idea of doing something to do with free time and leisure in the forest.

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My father sends a round robin with his Christmas cards every year. He occasionally (jokingly) asks me where my one is. A part of me finds the round robin silly, as I have often enough heard it to be described as my Dad’s “self-promotion” letter. Which it kind of is, to be honest. But it still interests me to read it and find out what he did that year. I guess it is in our nature to be curious about the lives of others!